Saturday, January 28, 2012

Promised - Chapter Four

It all happened so fast after Tyler confessed to our entire plan. With every word I felt as if I were being stabbed and handcuffed, but soon enough the cuffs were replaced with four walls, and a locked door. My very own actual cage. 

I’d been given my nephew to watch over, and I named him Alexander Jacobs; the name my sister would have wanted. He was beautiful, with dark black hair like his father, but my mother’s light purple eyes. The eyes I remember only from photos of her. Often I wondered about my mother, the woman who died only a few days after my birth. She’d been raised by vampires, and was supposed to be turned upon her young adult birthday, but instead she met my father and chose to remain as a human. If only I’d realized how lucky I was to be a human for as long as I was.

Not long after my imprisonment, I learned that my father had been found dead in his room. They claimed it was of natural causes, but my father had always been so strong and healthy. It hurt me to think I’d been the cause for his death. 

Jude was apparently a lot higher in the vampire social chain than I had originally believed, as everyday without fail he would stop by to speak with me, keep me informed on that happenings above ground and on how my trial was coming. He was also the first to tell me that Tyler hadn’t been seen since my arrest. The popular theory was that he’d been killed for disrespecting his father and trying to take my side in the case... but I couldn’t bring myself to shed any tears for him. 

“So I notice you’ve been dealing well with the transition.”
I nod, not even curious as to how he found out. “Mr. Stone doesn’t want me sentenced to death, so he had me bit before imprisoning me here. The courts will be told Tyler bit me before Janice died, and at worst I’ll be given life in prison. I’m alright with that, it’ll be no different than my previous life after all. I just hope Alexander will be given to a good family.”

Jude sighed before pulling out a strange red vial and placing it on the table in front of me. “Becoming a vampire is a curse none should ever experience, not when they were born a human. That’s why I bought this for your mother when she was just a teen. When she married your father instead, I kept this vial for just in case. Now I’m giving it to you to use as you wish.”
“What is it?”
“The cure.” Is his answer. “Pulls the vampirism curse right out of you, and leaves you as your were, but a human. I’d take it myself but I’ve been alive for almost three human lifetimes already. I’d turn to dust in only a few minutes.”
Oh. Well, that was a terrifying thought.

My nephew aged up into a beautiful young toddler before my very eyes. He had Tyler’s hair, and my mother’s strange lilac eyes. Despite the nature of his birth he was such a silent and well behaved child. 

And only the following day, I had my own transformation. I felt dead inside and without Alexander’s smile to keep me going I don’t know if I would have kept my mind alive and well in the weeks that passed. 
Alexander was fair, and kind, and always happy. A breath of fresh life in this tomb.

At last he came, and judging by the smile on his face I knew the news would not be good for me. Luckily Alexander was down for his nap and no guards were near. If I played my cards right I might be able to save both myself and my nephew from further pain. 

“Mr. Stone... what a surprise to see you here. Can I get your anything?” Maybe a stake or some holy water?
Thankfully he didn’t read my thoughts. “A drink would be fine, Miss Jacobs. I have the results of your case and I would like to offer you a deal.”

I took a pre-packaged bottle from the fridge, puncturing the sealed hole and hesitating only for a moment before handing it to him. No going back now. 
Taking a seat from him I nervously folded my hands on my lap, trying to keep them out of sight. “So uh... what kind of deal are we talking about here? What exactly were my case results?”
“They’re not good.” He muttered. “You were found guilty and the judge is still contemplating a life in jail sentence for treason or the more expected death by sunlight exposure. 
I felt a shiver of dread. “But I thought you said I wouldn’t be sentenced to death.”

He shrugged, sipping from the drink I gave him. “I am your King, Jessica, not your judge. I am afraid that his decision will be final... although I may be able to sway his decision if I’m given the right incentive for it.”
I tried to keep the anger from showing on my face but I knew I was failing horribly. “What more could you want from me, sir? You’ve taken everything already.”
He smiled in a way that made my skin crawl. “The one thing I do not have is your vow of loyalty. Swear your public adoration of me and denounce Jude Campbell as the man who put you up to your crimes and both you and your nephew will be given a home of your own near my own.”

The decision took no thought. “I’d rather die.”
Jude had been my only ally in all this, to betray him was something I would not do. No matter how badly I wanted my freedom. And now more than ever I did not regret putting the vampire-be-gone cure into Edwin’s drink. 

He stood from his chai to leaving before stumbling slightly, as if in pain. I stood up as well although not to help him. I wanted to be sure the cure would work.

Quite a satisfying sight if I do say so myself.

I took no time in waking Alexander and dressing him for the trip. The night was only just setting down and soon Edwin would be missed. I wasn’t sure if he’d told anyone where he was going, but it wouldn’t take his guards long to guess. I had to take Alexander and get as far from this vile town as we could.

Stepping out into the fresh air for the first time in ages I couldn’t help but stop and stare at the wide open ocean before me. I’d lived by it my entire life but never truly imagined crossing it. I had no idea what lay on the other side but one thing was for sure. It was better than here. 
Anything was better than here. And for the first time in my life... I felt free.

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