Thursday, November 3, 2011

Foster Family Man Challenge - CH. 1

Well first lets get some credits out of the way, eh? The Family Man challenge was started by thatmadgirl and can be found on the MTS Challenge Forum.
My man-hoe for this challenge is Foster Enmity, loving ripped (WITH PERMISSION, PEOPLE) from Melissa/Calisims/YangtheCat’s Foster Enmity Legacy.
How did all this come to be? Simple, Melissa mentioned that Foster could populate an entire town himself... and I have story ADHD and need a distraction from my own legacy. 
... Yeah this isn’t going to be a story by any means. Really just photo spam with random (sex) jokes thrown in once in a while. 
Meet Foster Enmity. The hero of teenage boys everywhere, and the man of every girl’s dreams... at least the dirty ones.

He moved to the Red County on a whim after hearing about the great music program. What his agent failed to mention was all the lovely distractions that lived in his immediate vicinity. 

His first victim: Aleena Cooper. His next door neighbor.

“So before we do anything, are you married? Not that it, y’know, matters...”

Aleena shakes her head. “I’m not. Why do you ask?”
Foster activates predator mode. “How’d you like it if I made your bed rock, baby?

She loves the idea.

Gosh the girls in this town are easy. Foster loves it!

After that round of fun he heads into town and meets Claire Mason at the park with her husband.

She just ignores her husband’s groans and friggin INITIATES the flirting... but there are no beds or showers in the immediate vicinity so Foster says his goodbyes and promises to call her later.

Jake’s also married. But she made the mistake of saying hello to Foster on a lot that contains showers. 

Sorry Aarun (not really).

It’s past midnight by the time Foster finally gets around to the purpose for his move. A job at the local theatre.

New neighbor! Ree Dawson. She’s a teacher.

Foster’s more interested in the fact that her boobs seem to be trying to overtake Canada. (They’re huge!) His goal for the day is to tap that.

He figures a teacher will be less likely to just jump into bed with him so some woo-ing may be necessary.

Also a date in his fancy new sports car.

She lets him tap it right in the middle of a movie. Scratch that off the bucket list, shall we?

This is trouble. 

He hopes for a boy... and for it to come soon. Aleena was a great lay and he can’t wait for another roll in the sheets with her.

More trouble:

“On the upside, if the baby really is red-haired we can just say he got it from you!”
... Yeah not helping, Foster.

Foster came home with some blonde chick from work. She heads to bed when something in him detects a chick with daddy issues. Those ones are always easy!

Helloooo Mar-mar.

Yeah he taps it. She doesn’t even care that he was watching her sleep in lengerie.

Foster goes to visit Aleena... just in time for her to go into labour.

Hospital, hospital, hospital.

They have a son, Pierre.

And then quickly get to work on the next one.

Pierre in toddler form:

It’s getting late... didn’t he do something around this time a few days back?

Right on time, Jake.

Another boy. Julian.

... Sorry Aarun.

Seriously. Just... sorry Aarun. (Goddangit Foster! At least do it BEHIND a closed door!)

And oh hey. Julian actually is a red-haired baby! 


  1. Oh my God, Foster. xDDD I have no words. This is just fantastic.

  2. Really, really fantastic. I'm so happy Foster gets to live his dream here.
    And the make your bed rock line, hur. So Foster.

  3. Lol. Foster is so suave. Can't wait to see what all his future progeny look like!

  4. Oh my watcher!!! I just found this blog of yours, foster is horrible!! No ethics what so ever! And what a sleazes in this town!

  5. Foster is pretty much a sleaze in any town he's been imported into. Foster is just inherently sleazy. And proud of it.